Hand Physio Appointments

Initial Appointment:  Your initial physiotherapy appointment may last 30-45 minutes.

No Referral Required to Book an Appointment With Us:  When booking an appointment with Hand Rehab, no referral is required from your GP or any other specialist.

ACC Cover:  ACC usually covers injuries that occur as a definite incident, whether this happens at home, work, or play.

No ACC Surcharge:  At Hand Rehab, if your injury is covered by ACC there is no additional surcharge that you will need to pay.  All our treatment costs are fully covered by ACC. 

Completing ACC Documentation:  All required ACC documentation can be filled out at Hand Rehab on your first appointment.  For simple injury incidents, ACC can usually inform you if your claim is accepted or not within 2 weeks.  For more complex injuries/injury incidents, ACC may take longer to assess the circumstances of your injury claim. 

Any Other ACC Forms or Documentation:  If you have already contacted ACC and have any forms or documentation relevant to your current injury, please bring these ACC forms or documents along with you on your first visit.

Follow Up Appointments:  Your following physiotherapy appointments will vary in frequency and time according to your injury and treatment plan.

Our Cancellation and ‘No-Show’ Policy:  If you do not come to your appointment or cancel the appointment less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment, a full charge will be invoiced to you.  This policy is in place to ensure that patients are seen as quickly as possible.

Booking an Appointment:  To book your physio appointment at any one of our clinics, please phone us on 0800 776 500 or Make an Online Appointment. .