"I recently suffered an injury to my left hand that involved deep lacerations and a fractured distal phalange, or fingertip. As a guitarist who makes his living from being a professional musician, the injury had devastating consequences both physically and fiscally.

I was introduced to Doug Bryant through ACC and from the first his demeanour and obvious knowledge of anatomical function brought both immediate relief and tangible results.

Doug's prognosis and suggested course of treatment had me focusing on playing my guitar as often as possible, in ever increasing time slots. I began to improve very quickly. After three months I was able to get back to performing live again, and recording as well.

I highly recommend Doug Bryant as a personable and extremely positive individual and his advanced knowledge of hand recuperation certainly benefitted me greatly." William W.

"I was referred to Hand Rehab by my GP for an issue with my finger. Doug offered clear, practical advice, carefully explaining and de-mystifying the medical terminology. Doug covered all the options available and we tried several approaches. In every visit, he was helpful, friendly and professional. I wouldn't hesitate to return with any other hand problems."Emma M.

"I have used Hand Rehab to assist me with two totally different injuries, at two different times.The first was for trigger finger, and the 2nd was for a thumb and wrist injury. In both cases I found Hand Rehab provided me with good, practical support and advice through my recovery period.

In both cases, I was given a customised and moulded splint, to aid my rest and recovery. And as the healings progressed, I was nicely guided on the range of activities I could do, along with any rehabilitation exercises.

I found the guidance and support superb, and greatly appreciated their speciality knowledge in the area of hands and wrists. Their friendly and approachable manner was greatly appreciated." KS, Wellington