Welcome to Hand Rehab

Hand Rehab specialises in providing physiotherapy and occupational therapy for hands.  And it's not just hands that we treat.  Our speciality is in providing rehabilitation and treatment for all areas of the arm; specifically from the elbow through to the fingertips.

As experienced hand therapists, we pride ourselves on our level of expertise and care.  We provide the full range of physiotherapy support and advice to ensure your recovery can progress in an optimal manner.  Our comprehensive service includes:

    For optimal recovery, early diagnosis and treatment is key.  Our experienced team of hand therapists will promptly assess your injury and put in place a comprehensive rehabilitation programme.
    We pride ourselves on providing fully customised treatment programmes. This includes providing specialised on-site therapy, developing customised splints and supports, and advising at-home activites to support the healing process.
    Our rehabilitation programmes are focused on helping you return to work and resume your daily living activities as soon as possible. Stretching, strengthening and functional exercises are often prescribed as part of your recovery programme.

    When booking an appointment, no referral is required.  We are a Registered ACC provider.  No ACC surcharge applies.

    Our Hand Physiotherapy Treatments

    Our specialist area of physiotherapy includes treatments for: tendonitis and tendon injuries; carpal tunnel; joint injuries, nerve compression and nerve injuries; sprained fingers and thumbs; tennis and golfers elbow; arthritis and sports injuries.

    Our specialist care and hand therapy treatments include:

    • Customised splints (where rest of the injured area is required to assist in the recovery process).
    • On-site therapy including massage, acupuncture, and joint/soft tissue mobilisation.
    • Tailored rehabilitation and strength improvement programmes.
    • Guidance and advice on both work and home based activities.
    • Rehabilitation exercises to assist your recovery process.

    Our Physio Clinics | Greater Wellington Region

    Hand Rehab has a number of clinics throughout the greater Wellington region.  Please click on the link/s below to find the clinic closest to you: